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Travelling from Dubrovnik to Split

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Private transfer for a hassle-free travelling from Dubrovnik to Split (or vice-versa)

Dubrovnik and Split are two hotspots in Croatia, just 230 kilometres (142 mi) apart along the Adriatic coast. If you're hopping between these destinations, consider our private transfer service as a straightforward, time-saving option.

How to travel from Dubrovnik to Split (or from Split to Dubrovnik)?

Cut through the noise of travel options. Our suggestion? A practical private transfer that gets you from Dubrovnik to Split in around three hours. No frills, just a direct and efficient journey.

Detour options when travelling from Dubrovnik to Split

Our private transfer between Dubrovnik and Split offers the unique opportunity to include detours, which are more than just a pit stop; they're a smart way to save money and time by turning your transit into a voyage of discovery.

Mostar, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, stands out as a popular detour. Besides Mostar - Kravica Waterfall, Pocitelj, Blagaj and Medjugorje are also in demand.

Another area of ​​great interest to visit during the transfer is the Peljesac Peninsula. Peljesac is known for its wines and renowned oysters and mussels. Ston, a medieval town, attracts with its defensive walls and the oldest functional saltworks in the world. A visit to Ston, wine tasting and oyster degustation can be included when travelling from Dubrovnik to Split (or vice versa).

Which road is used on a direct Dubrovnik-Split private transfer?

On our direct Dubrovnik-Split private transfer, indulge in a harmonious blend of coastal drives and highway comfort. While the coastal-road-only option exists, it's important to note that this choice will extend your travel time.

What about border crossings?

Although Bosnia and Herzegovina separates Croatia, a strategically constructed bridge eliminates the need to navigate through its territory, ensuring a smooth journey between Dubrovnik and Split.

What is the price of a private Dubrovnik to Split transfer?

The price of a direct private transfer between Dubrovnik and Split is per transfer, not per person, and is from €280,00 (discounted price for the private transfers in the period from 1 November till 31 March).

Ready for a hassle-free trip? For a straightforward and efficient journey between Dubrovnik and Split, see more and book your private transfer here.



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