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Konavle Countryside Tour

Private half-day trip from Dubrovnik

Konavle Countryside is a half-day trip to the rural surroundings of Dubrovnik. The trip focuses on tradition and heritage.



5 hrs.


This half-day trip from Dubrovnik introduces you to Konavle, the countryside of Dubrovnik.

Our exploration of the picturesque area begins in Cilipi, a village guardian of the local heritage. From there, we traverse the scenic rural landscape, making our way to the commanding Sokol Tower, a fortress perched on a high rock. After exploring the fortress and a brief drive downhill, our adventure continues with a visit to the Ljuta River area, where a complex of old water mills awaits. Some of these mills have been meticulously restored and brought back to life.

Following a presentation on the operating mills and an accompanying local aperitif, we recommend indulging in a delightful lunch at a traditional riverside restaurant before concluding our journey back to Dubrovnik.

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