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Montenegro: Bay of Kotor

Private day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik

This private day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro focuses on the Bay of Kotor and its historical little towns.



8 hrs.


Embarking on a day trip from Dubrovnik to the enchanting Bay of Kotor (Boka Bay), we will immerse ourselves in the rich history of two historical towns: Perast and Kotor.

After crossing the border, a delightful forty-minute drive along the scenic Bay of Kotor will bring us to the captivating town of Perast. Renowned for its historical significance and diverse attractions, Perast is a popular stop on the journey to Kotor. The town's harmonious architectural ensemble stands as a testament to its glorious days under the rule of the mighty Serenissima. Particularly intriguing are the two islets just off the coast, one of which can be explored.

The primary destination of our Bay of Kotor adventure is the UNESCO World Heritage site, Kotor, nestled at the very end of the bay. Here, a local guide will lead you on a private walking tour*, unravelling the city's fascinating stories. Following the guided tour, you'll also have free time to explore this remarkable destination at your own pace.

*The service can be omitted if you are not interested in a private walking tour in Kotor.

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