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Montenegro: Kotor & Budva

Private day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Explore coastal Montenegro and discover how the past intertwines with the present on Montenegro: Kotor & Budva day trip from Dubrovnik



10 hrs.


On this private Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik, we will visit two of the most significant coastal towns, Kotor and Budva, with an additional stop in Perast.

Our exploration starts with Perast, a quaint town with a rich history and stunning stone palaces adorning the coast. The picturesque setting is completed by two nearby islets, with the islet of Our Lady of the Rocks open to visitors.

Next, a scenic twenty-five-minute drive takes us to Kotor, a medieval marvel surrounded by impressive walls. Immerse yourself in the UNESCO World Heritage site as a local guide leads you on a private walking tour* through its historical treasures.

Completing our Montenegro day trip is a visit to Budva, the oldest of Montenegro's coastal towns. Here, layers of history unfold, showcasing the town's evolution through various periods. Yet, the broader expanse of Budva also serves as a fascinating example of a place where modernization has often clashed with the preservation of heritage and identity.

*The service can be omitted if you are not interested in a private walking tour in Kotor.

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