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Mostar & Pocitelj Day Trip

Private day trip to Mostar & Pocitelj from Dubrovnik

Centuries-long Ottoman domination shaped Bosnia & Herzegovina. Discover its oriental feel on a day trip from Dubrovnik.



9 hrs.


Our private day trip to Mostar and Pocitelj starts with a scenic drive along the Adriatic coastal road. Once we enter Bosnia and Herzegovina, the journey unfolds through Herzegovinian countryside until we reach the historical settlement of Pocitelj.

Perched on a hillside overlooking the river Neretva, Pocitelj, resembling a living museum, once played a crucial defensive role. The town bears the imprints of various cultures, with the Ottoman period leaving the most distinctive legacy.

Continuing our exploration, a half-hour drive brings us to Mostar, the capital of Herzegovina, and a trendy day trip destination from Dubrovnik. Mostar boasts a significant Ottoman influence, showcased prominently in its architecture. The iconic Old Bridge, along with other notable sights, takes centre stage during your private walking tour*, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural charm of this remarkable town.

*The service can be omitted if you are not interested in a private walking tour in Mostar.

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