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Dubrovnik - Split Private Transfer

Private transfer from Dubrovnik to Split or vice-versa

Enjoy the journey between Dubrovnik and Split on a private transfer. Include detours of your choice to make the most of your holiday.



3.5 hrs.


Optimize your journey between Dubrovnik and Split with our private transfer service.

Why choose a private transfer from Dubrovnik to Split (or vice versa)?

  • Flexibility: Unlike public transportation, our private transfer service offers unparalleled flexibility. Tailor your journey to align with your schedule, preferences, and exploration desires.

  • Comfort: Enjoy a relaxing journey in our modern, well-maintained vehicles as you traverse the scenic route between Dubrovnik and Split.

  • Personalized detours: Elevate your experience with customized stops and detours, such as renowned wineries for delightful tastings, the historic marvels of Ston, the cultural richness of Mostar, or the breathtaking beauty of Kravica Waterfall.

  • Time Efficiency: Ideal for those tight on time yet eager to make the most of their journey. Whether you're on a business trip, family vacation, or solo adventure, our private transfer service ensures you maximize your visit pleasantly and efficiently.

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