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Montenegro: Budva, Cetinje & Kotor

Private day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Montenegro: Budva, Cetinje & Kotor day trip is the most comprehensive Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik where you will discover different faces of Montenegro.



12 hrs.


On Montenegro: Budva, Cetinje & Kotor day trip from Dubrovnik, we will start with Budva, which is a two-hour of scenic drive from Dubrovnik (it could take more during the peak season).

Budva is the most popular holiday destination in Montenegro, known for its beaches and nightlife. We will focus on its historical core, which narrates centuries of history.


After exploring Budva, we will start ascending the mountain. Spectacular views of the Budva Riviera will accompany us before we reach Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro. Due to its history and geographical position, Cetinje's character is entirely different from Budva or Kotor, which is certainly noteworthy.

Once we leave Cetinje, we will drive through the idyllic mountain village of Njegusi, where a degustation of famous local products can be done, and start our descent towards Kotor.

On our way down, you will enjoy the unique view of the Bay of Kotor. The serpentine road is narrow and used for both directions; we do not recommend this trip to those who fear heights or adventurous routes.


When we reach Kotor, a UNESCO world heritage site, you will explore it on a private walking tour*. It will conquer you with its impressive medieval wall, narrow alleys, numerous squares and genuine charm.


*The service can be omitted if you are not interested in a private walking tour in Kotor.

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