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Things to do in Dubrovnik

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Explore Dubrovnik: A 'Things to Do' List

When seeking recommendations for exploring Dubrovnik, I'm frequently asked about what to do in Dubrovnik. Despite its size, Dubrovnik offers many things to do. Whether you're dedicating a day or more to this fascinating area, consider the following suggestions:



Guided Walking Tour

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Undoubtedly, I may be a bit biased, but a guided walking tour is a must. While strolling through the harmonious architecture and absorbing the atmosphere of the walled town independently is an option, doing so with a local guide unveils crucial and fascinating historical insights. Dubrovnik is far from being just another Mediterranean town; it is unique. Delving into its history with a knowledgeable guide enhances your appreciation of its charm.


Walk on the Ancient Wall 

Resist calling it a castle; it's a complex defensive system built over centuries. Stretching almost two kilometers, this marvel comprises walls, towers, fortresses, and bulwarks, all impeccably preserved. The wall is the essence of Dubrovnik's uniqueness, and walking on it provides a distinct perspective of the town. It's an essential experience to truly grasp the historical significance and grandeur.

Things to do in Dubrovnik


Climb the Hill Above Dubrovnik

Ascend Srd, the hill overlooking Dubrovnik, for spectacular panoramic views of the Old City, surrounding areas, and nearby islands. A restaurant with a breathtaking view awaits, offering the perfect spot for a sunset dinner, a light lunch, or a relaxing drink. History enthusiasts can explore an adjacent fortress housing an exhibition on the Homeland War's impact on Dubrovnik. Whether you hike to the top, take the cable car, or use a local driver service, the views are worth the journey.


Unwind at Buza Bar 

While no longer a secret, Buza Bar remains a gem in the Old City. The hole (buza) in the southern wall leads to a charming bar perched on cliffs overlooking the Adriatic. The view of the sea, Lokrum island, and passing boats, with the massive wall as a backdrop, creates an ideal setting to savor your drink and fully immerse yourself in the Dubrovnik experience.

Sail off to the island of Lokrum

A mere fifteen-minute boat ride from the Old City lies the enchanting Lokrum. A perfect escape from the bustling crowds, especially during cruise ship arrivals, Lokrum boasts attractions such as the former Benedictine Monastery complex, the 'Dead Sea' lake, a Napoleonic fortress, and picturesque gardens. Food and beverage options are available during the tourist season. The island is inhabited by peacocks and rabbits, who will likely be interested in you. Mindfulness and privacy are guaranteed on Lokrum. Naturists can rejoice in the presence of a nudist beach on the southern side, although it's worth noting that Dubrovnik's version of a beach often involves rocky terrain.

Visit Cavtat

Situated 20 km southeast of Dubrovnik, Cavtat is a charming small town with a seafront walking trail and a historical center featuring Mediterranean architecture, quaint bars, and restaurants. Dining in Cavtat is highly recommended, offering a relaxing atmosphere and lush greenery, particularly delightful for a light lunch during warm months. Easily accessible from Dubrovnik, there are boat connections from the Old City or local bus options (number 10). Alternatively, consider our private half-day trip that includes Cavtat for a comprehensive experience.

Do as Locals Do in the Lapad Bay Area

Lapad Bay, the second most popular area in Dubrovnik, invites you to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Join locals in sipping lattes along the Lapad promenade, a daily ritual often followed by a revitalizing seaside stroll. Lapad Bay's Sunset Beach, renowned in Dubrovnik, adds to the allure of this vibrant venue.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Indulge in Local Wine

When thinking of Dubrovnik, wine might not be the foremost thing on your mind. However, the city is surrounded by picturesque wine regions offering fascinating tales of local winemaking. Explore the rich flavors of Konavle, Peljesac, Komarna, and Korcula. Whether you enjoy the ambiance of wine bars, the culinary offerings of restaurants, or prefer immersive trips to local wineries, there are ample options to savor the local wines.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Venture off the Beaten Path

Well, not literally, as that might pose risks, but choose experiences that give you a genuine feel for the area. Engage with locals to gain authentic insights. For instance, explore the vibrant farmer's market to immerse yourself in local flavors. If you're intrigued by religious experiences, participate in ceremonies alongside the locals. Keep an eye out for community events and celebrations, and, if possible, consider visiting a local's home for a more intimate experience. Activities like farm-to-table dining or personalized wine tastings go beyond mere food and beverage moments, offering opportunities to cultivate a real connection with the area.

Explore Neighboring Countries

One of the perks of vacationing in Dubrovnik is the accessibility to neighboring countries. Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina, just an hour's drive away, offer exciting day trip options. These excursions are popular among visitors, providing a new dimension to your Dubrovnik experience. Explore our list of private day trips from Dubrovnik for personalized adventures with a local driver-guide.

In essence, Dubrovnik, with its rich history and distinctive charm, offers more than meets the eye. Exploring it through these activities ensures a memorable and insightful visit.

Dubrovnik Driving Guide

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