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Best private trips from Dubrovnik

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Selection of the best half-day and full-day private trips from Dubrovnik

Once you visit the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik, it is hard to bring yourself to leave. But don't let that stop you from exploring the surrounding area's incredible sights, history, and flavours. From the breathtaking natural beauty, impressive historical sights, delicious culinary experiences, and fascinating vineyards of Pelješac and Konavle, here is an insider's list of the best half-day and full-day private trips from Dubrovnik that will make your vacation even more memorable.

Konavle trip from Dubrovnik

On Dubrovnik's doorstep, only a 25-minute drive away, you'll find a refreshingly different experience awaiting. So far, somewhat overlooked, Konavle is a true gem and should be at the top of your trips-from-Dubrovnik list.

This region seems designed to surprise and inspire you. With Cavtat as its only small town, Konavle is mainly rural and provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you are looking for a brief relaxing experience or want to spend a day learning and discovering heritage and natural beauty, you should not miss visiting Konavle. From unwinding in the Dalmatian style to interacting with locals, there is something for everyone in Konavle.

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Best private trips from Dubrovnik
Konavle vineyard

Peljesac trip from Dubrovnik

Together with Konavle, Pelješac was recently featured in Vogue's article with the bold title Move Over, Tuscany; Why Croatia's Wine Regions Should Be on Your Radar. If you didn't know before, now you know that Pelješac, Croatia's second-largest peninsula, is one of the most famous Croatian wine regions. Therefore, no visit to Pelješac would be complete without a visit to one of its wineries, where you can sample some of the region's outstanding wines and learn about the history of the local winemaking tradition. But there is more to Pelješac than just its wine, rolling vineyards, and picturesque scenery. After an hour of panoramic driving along the coast, you will come across an impressive Middle Ages legacy still at the centre of local life. The walls of Ston and the ancient saltworks are simply awe-inspiring. Furthermore, oysters from the Mali Ston Bay are an autochthonous delicacy that, along with other local specialities, will tantalize even the most discerning palates.

The possibilities on this trip from Dubrovnik do not end here, though. Whether you want to go for everything listed above or are not a wine lover, visiting the Trsteno Arboretum, a unique blend of enchanting natural beauty and cultural heritage, will be a great addition to this captivating excursion.

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Best private trips from Dubrovnik
Oyster farms, Mali Ston

Farm-to-table half-day experience from Dubrovnik

Whether it's integral to a more extended trip or organized as an independent experience, farm-to-table is one of those adventures that give you a deeper understanding of the region's lifestyle, customs and values. The opportunity to taste locally sourced food according to traditional recipes in the private premises of local people's homes adds a whole new meaning to your travels.

Where can you immerse yourself in this kind of experience more authentically than in the previously mentioned Konavle, which has not yet surrendered to the hustle and bustle of modern life but lives at a slow pace, nurturing tradition and connection with nature?!

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The Kravica Waterfall day trip from Dubrovnik

Kravica Waterfall is a natural wonder in Bosnia and Herzegovina, just over two hours drive from Dubrovnik. Here, the river Trebižat has created a natural 120-meter-long amphitheatre and plummets into a natural pool at the foot from a height of 28 meters. This breathtaking natural spectacle will leave hardly anyone indifferent. Of course, the word about the beauty of the waterfall spread, and it became a favourite swimming and picnic spot for locals and tourists.

The Trebižat River, on its 50 km course, has also created other natural but lesser-known attractions. Upstream from the Kravica Waterfall, two such places, Kocusa and Ceveljusa, are definitely worth visiting on a day trip from Dubrovnik.

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Best private trips from Dubrovnik
Kravica Waterfall

Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar transfer

Although this is not a day trip in the true sense, a transfer from Dubrovnik to Split via Mostar is an ideal way to value your time and not miss exploring Mostar - an essential stop on a trip to this part of Europe. For those few who don't already know, Mostar is a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is often said to be the meeting place of different worlds: East and West. The rich Ottoman heritage is present in every corner of its historical core, and for a moment, it can make you forget that you are almost in the heart of Europe. Opt for a private walking tour with a local guide. Let the local guide introduce you to Mostar. Take a peek into the life of Mostar through a local interpretation of attractions, tumultuous history and current times. Indulge in the vibe of the Westernized East.

By detouring to Mostar on your way to Split, you can be sure a memorable experience will enrich you.

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Dubrovnik to Split (with an optional detour to Mostar)

Dubrovnik to Montenegro day trip

The beauty of staying in Dubrovnik is that there are different worlds just a few hours away. On one side is the aforementioned Mostar, and on the other, you can discover the contrasts of Montenegro. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor is a must-see during any trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro. Although distinctive and in a unique natural environment, due to its Mediterranean vibe and architecture, it might remind you a little of Dubrovnik. To truly immerse yourself in Montenegro, venture beyond Kotor and take the challenging but panoramic drive up the mountain to discover the country's diversity. Treat yourself to a local snack in the mountain village of Njeguši, known for its delicious smoked prosciutto, and then explore the royal capital of Cetinje. Doing so will unlock a side of Montenegro unknown to most day trippers from Dubrovnik. Extending the trip by visiting Budva would mean gaining an insight into yet another contrasting reality of Montenegro.

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