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Boat Excursions from Dubrovnik

Indulge in the maritime beauty on boat excursions from Dubrovnik

Croatia's allure as a premier destination also stems from its picturesque islands, indented coastline, and crystal-clear waters. Along the Adriatic coast, Croatia boasts over 1000 islands, making it a haven for maritime enthusiasts. Beyond catering to the delight of nautical tourists, the captivating charms of Croatia's coastline are accessible through both half-day and full-day boat excursions.

Private boat excursions for the best experiences

Dubrovnik, renowned for its breathtaking beauty and rich historical heritage, is also home to a cluster of enchanting islands, including Lokrum, Lopud, Sipan, Mljet, and Korcula. While Lokrum enjoys excellent connectivity via public and private boat services to the Old City from early spring to mid-autumn, those looking to explore, for example, the Elaphiti Islands or Mljet for a day, will find that private boat excursions from Dubrovnik are ideal when seeking privacy, flexibility, and tailor-made itineraries.

The Elaphiti Islands

The Elaphiti Islands form a renowned archipelago and are the top choice for boat excursions from Dubrovnik. Located to the west of Dubrovnik, the most distinguished among them are Lopud, Kolocep, and Sipan. Each island boasts its own charming settlements and iconic attractions, such as Sunj Beach, the mesmerizing Blue Cave, and the exclusive dining hotspot, Bowa.


In contrast to the Elaphiti Islands, easily accessible even on a half-day trip due to their proximity to Dubrovnik, a boat excursion to Mljet from Dubrovnik offers a thrilling 8-9 hour adventure. Mljet stands out as Croatia's lushest island, housing one of the country's eight national parks. Apart from its breathtaking natural beauty, characterized by two captivating lakes, Mljet also presents a wealth of historical and cultural treasures, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching island experience.

...and more!

However, the maritime adventures from Dubrovnik extend beyond Mljet and the Elaphiti Islands. For avid sailors and those seeking unparalleled experiences, there are even more exclusive options, such as a full-day boat excursion to the island of Korčula, as well as the opportunity to explore Montenegro by sea.

No matter which boat excursion from Dubrovnik you opt for, you're in for a treat. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Croatian coastline, indulge in the crystal-clear sea, and uncover the secluded corners of the Adriatic paradise.

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