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OYSTERS AND WINE - local identity

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Not many people coming to Dubrovnik are familiar with the fact that in the vicinity of Dubrovnik there is an area famous for exceptional sea food and wine. It is always my pleasure to accompany my guests on this surprising adventure. Your motives to come to Croatia might not be wine driven, but you will definitely remember Croatia for its wine. And oysters. If you are a big fan of oysters, maybe having oysters from Mali Ston bay, as I suggest it here, is not good for you. I witnessed so many people saying that those were the best oysters they had ever had. It seems like it is tough to appreciate other oysters after trying ours.

Oysters and wine

Dubrovnik restaurants have oysters from Mali Ston bay in their offer, you will find them served in different ways, but nothing beats tasting simple raw oysters served directly from the sea with few drops of fresh lemon and homemade white wine.

Oysters and wine

Mali Ston bay is located at the beginning of Peljesac peninsula. The picturesque slopes of the peninsula are home to numerous vineyards where Plavac mali, an indigenous grape variety, is an indisputable king.

People from Peljesac have relied on viticulture for centuries, but it is only now that the world is being introduced to this wine growing paradise. Turbulent history of the area had a major impact on this vital activity.

Along the peninsula there are many wineries and every winegrower has their own wine philosophy. Even though the area is relatively small, it is surprisingly very diverse as well. So the result is that from one grape variety (Plavac mali) there are so many different wines. Consider that one of the most prominent wineries on the penisula, Milos winery, produces a nice selection of high quality wines only from Plavac mali grape.

Oysters and wine

Other important word that you are going to learn here is Dingac. It is one of the most popular Croatian wines and comes from the Plavac mali wineyards on the steep slopes of Dingac area.

Oysters and wine

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